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Ukr-Flex LLC works with all express delivery operators, which guarantees you timely delivery to any region of Ukraine.


If you find significant defects in the product, which could occur only through the manufacturer, you have every right to demand its replacement or refund.


Contact us and be sure that any of your tasks will be solved within 15 minutes!
We look forward to further cooperation!


Ukr-Flex is your stable supplier of PVC, PU, industrial and hydraulic hoses.

We are the exclusive importer of quality EU products. Ukr-Flex builds relationships with the client on the basis of partnership, mutual benefit, professionalism and responsibility. These are not empty words because:

Our clients receive the best prices, because Ukr-Flex works directly through manufacturers.

We carefully monitor the content of our warehouse to always cover your needs as quickly as possible.

All customers receive quality advice on the selection of products in the range. We will select a product from a European manufacturer in different price categories.

Our customer receives the goods quickly, thanks to an efficient logistics system and timely shipment from warehouses in the EU.

We provide individual service and bonuses to each client, as we keep orders according to the client’s code and inform you about discounts in a timely manner.

Our customers receive quick solutions to non-standard needs, as the company works closely with manufacturers’ technologists.

We value the trust they give us, and we work for the result – increasing the number of regular customers, achieving it through a simple principle:

We increase sales, not prices!

Cooperation with Ukr-Flex is uninterrupted, efficient and comprehensive support of your enterprise.